Recognising research excellence

The University’s Scientia Professors are nominated by their peers and embody UNSW’s highest values, including leadership, innovation, creativity, integrity, teamwork and, above all, excellence.

UNSW’s female Scientia Professors are: (L–R) Helen Christensen, Katharina Gaus, Veena Sahajwalla, Michelle Simmons, Jane McAdam and Rose Amal.

The Australian Laureate Fellow is developing a revolutionary way to use water and solar energy to recycle carbon dioxide into environmentally friendly fuels. >
Eileen Baldry
The leading criminologist is showing that simply locking up ever-greater numbers of our most disadvantaged people won’t keep us safe. >
The founding director of the National Institute for Experimental Arts is pushing the boundaries of her art to help scientists learn how memories are formed and recalled. >
Helen Christensen
The Black Dog Institute’s chief scientist wants to reduce suicide rates by using the reach of the internet to deliver psychological therapies to people at risk. >
Julie Cogin
The director of the Australian Graduate School of Management is discovering what it takes to bring out the best in people at work. >
The first Aboriginal Australian elected to a United Nations body is leading 
the push for public law solutions to the nation’s most serious and long-standing human rights issue. >
The internationally respected illicit drug researcher is revealing the complexities of drug-related harm and ensuring policy makers, clinicians and the community have the right information to save lives. >
Katharina Gaus
By unravelling how our immune systems make life and death decisions, the biomedical researcher is pioneering a new science at the molecular level. >
Emma Johnston
The Australian Academy of Science medallist is working to ensure our vulnerable marine environments stay healthy for generations to come. >
Jane McAdam
The World Economic Forum Young Global Leader is finding solutions to one of our most complex humanitarian crises. >
Margaret Morris
The medical biochemist is helping to tackle the world’s worsening obesity epidemic by revealing the impact of junk food on our brains. >
Veena Sahajwalla
The Australian Laureate Fellow is creating a new industrial revolution, transforming rubbish into commercially viable ‘green’ materials. >
Michelle Simmons
So impressive is her work to build the world’s first quantum computer, the Australian Laureate Fellow has been honoured alongside Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. >
Martina Stenzel
By developing ‘smart’ nanoparticles to deliver powerful anti-cancer drugs, the polymer scientist is revolutionising the way we target and treat disease. >
Carla Treloar
The deputy director of the Centre for Social Research in Health is working to combat the devastating effects hepatitis C by better understanding the thousands of people infected each year. >
In our latest “Change the World” series of Research@UNSW, we profile a selection of our top-performing female researchers whose stellar work is having an impact on challenges critical to the world’s future. >